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Research In The Lemcoff Group

Eager Student:

       What will I learn if I join the Lemcoff Group?



  • First, you will learn how to make molecules. You will learn how to purify molecules. You will learn how to analyze molecules. These are the basic tools of organic chemistry, organometallics, polymer chemistry and catalysis research.

  • Then, you will learn how to use the things you make to either make other molecules (usually more complicated) or to understand how these molecules behave. So, if you make a catalyst, you will learn how it works, what are the special things it can do and how to make it do things that no one has ever done before. If you make a polymer, you will learn how to change its shape and how to tune its physical properties to better understand how these big and useful molecules behave.

  • Finally, you will learn how to build on the tools you received to develop your own research and your creative independent thinking.


Eager Student:

       That sounds nice, what else?



  •  You will probably take classes during your graduate studies that will make your research better. You will join a supportive group of peers that value collaboration and mutual help.

  • You will also probably go to international conferences and meet colleagues from all over the world. You will meet Nobel Prize Laureates, famous Professors and other students and postdocs like you.

  • You will learn about the important role that Academia in general and our University in particular has in making our world a better place.

  • More importantly, you will experience the joy of science and how great it feels to make a new discovery and put your little “grain of sand” in the edifice of human knowledge.


Eager Student:


       Wow! Where can I join! Can you give me more details?


  • Sure! If you’re an eager student and want to do some serious research write me an email at :

This decision could change you for the rest of your life!

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